Corpus Christi Caller Times - Red Cross Bash

— Folks wearing army fatigues and scrubs, a chow line, a V.I.P. party in a tent: When you're at the annual Red Cross Bash, you know you couldn't be at any other party!

This year's bash was March 9, so it served as a fitting beginning to Red Cross month in South Texas. The American Bank Center was transformed into a military camp with Jeeps and other military vehicles and even an ambulance parked inside.

Military personnel were the friendly greeters at the door, setting the stage for a dramatic entrance into the camp. The tables were decorated with army boots, and even the auction was combat-ready with camouflage and other touches throughout.

The program began with a staff member of the South Texas Chapter of the Red Cross singing the national anthem. Event leaders Cathy and Gary Chatham then told us all about the goings-on at the Red Cross this year, including tornado and flood relief as well as all of the training and other programs the organization offers. They also thanked Flint Hills Resources for its continuing support of the event and asked company official Rich Tuttle to take the stage and say a few words.

Once the chow line opened, I headed over to the back of the room to see the entertainment, where I found Chrissy Martinof Martin Ulisse Imports manning the wine wheel. I considered taking a chance to win a bottle of wine, but decided not to press my luck and instead ran into Andrea and Bryan Mayhood in the silent auction. Robert Adler also was there, and he told me this is an event that he never misses because supporting the Red Cross and their mission has always been near to his heart.

A live auction, followed by music by Skyrocket, capped off the night, and then we all headed back out into the rain, thankful that no matter how bad the weather gets, the Red Cross will continue to be there to help all those who need assistance, just as they have for the last 95 years in the Coastal Bend.

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