About us


To bring only the finest Italian wine from small producers to the American public. We will provide our customers with quality service and unbeatable prices. We want our customers to have the opportunity to enjoy wine like the Italians do.


Martin Ulisse Imports was founded on the dream of honoring the Martin and Ulisse families. Our goal is to import only the finest Italian wine from the small boutique wineries and make them available to the American public.


Why the small boutique wineries? In Italy, wine is food, no less essential to any meal than bread or family. Since nearly all Italians either make wine themselves or know someone who does, wine becomes not only family but community as well. Our wines come from small Co-op wineries throughout Italy. These Co-op wineries get their grapes from hundreds of different Italian families, including my own family that lives in the Abruzzi region. There is nothing more special than the small family producers whose expert hands, big hearts and love of their land touches every aspect of the final product.

In a global economy when modern technology reins, these small farmers whose love of their land and its produce, which has been passed from generation to generation and continues to follow age old traditions to produce and deliver only the choicest of grapes is rare. These are the grapes that produce the finest wines and this is what we want to bring to you. Everyday, Italians create and drink some of the greatest wine Italy has to offer. We believe it only fair that the American public have the opportunity to embrace the same wine that Italians enjoy everyday. Our Inspiration: My name is Chrissy Martin, my mother; Irma Ulisse Martin came to the United States when she was eleven years old with her immediate family. They became American citizens but kept a tight grasp of their Italian culture and heritage. Her extended family, which still resides in Italy, was the inspiration behind this company.

There is so much wine in Italy that has yet to be discovered by American importers. Wineries can easily be compared to Starbucks because there is one on every block. For this reason, a lot of the smaller Co-op wineries have a lot of excess wine since they do not export, therefore they do not need as many grapes every year which in turn hurts my families livelihood. On a visit to see the family in Italy I had the opportunity to taste the wines their grapes produce. It was delicious. The wine was so good; I could not believe they did not export. Then the idea came! If we could export this wine not only would it be popular, but it would also help our family. Thanks to trickle down economics, if we exported the wine, the winery would need more grapes and you see where this is going. My family would be back in business.


We promise to stay up to date on all the latest trends and continue to bring in great Italian wine at reasonable prices. We will strive to keep this company small and family oriented where the customers get the great service and products they want and deserve.